The Tarp, the Tomb, and Citizen Q

In the Spring of 2004, Marlene Newell was operating a forum with Bitwiz44 called Talk About It, or TAI for short.  For a period of six weeks, a poster with the handle Citizen Q made over 400 posts to that forum, besides the personal communications with Marlene through PMs (private messages), emails, and telephone calls.  Citizen Q claimed to have evidence of Laci Peterson's murderer, and vascillated between whether it exonerated Scott Peterson or implicated him.  Citizen Q often referred to himself simply as Q. 

Some of the threads Q posted on (some of which he authored) were:

Sniff 213 @ the Bulb
Buried in a Shallow Grave???
Bone Hunt - Update
The Easter Bomb
COV 5-11-04

Corrupt Law Enforcement Forum:  San Mateo - O.T.O.

Marlene told Q that if he had evidence, he must turn it over to the proper authorities, let the chips fall where they may.  He told her he sent it to Judge Delucchi at the San Mateo County courthouse.  A Court employee signed for a package addressed to Judge Delucchi on Friday, May 7, 8:39 a.m. On Monday, Delucchi received a letter connected to the package. Shortly after 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the Judge, Prosecution, Defense, and Scott went into chambers to discuss the package and the letter. Not much was said about either, except that they were booked into evidence.


What's in the Package?


Members of TAI submitted a set of questions for Q to answer about the package. 

SII media headquarters:

From Citizen Q:

The Box was delivered from Berkeley California addressed to Judge Alfred Delucchi via UPS on Friday 7th, 2004. The box was 10”square, and was wrapped in video tape, and   contained a painted image of a skull/bulb (see below). The report was signed Citizen Q and contained a “unique finger” print for identification purposes.

1.       What is in the package? The box contained an eight-page report detailing the location of cult activity in the San Francisco Bay; 13 photographs, detailed information about a known meth addicted serial killer; a murder cover-up; and information regarding the odor of human remains on site. The most significant information that can be directly applied to the Laci Peterson case is about the concealing water tomb of Laci and Conner Peterson, and the planted tarp evidence located within close proximity to the tomb. The box also contained information about satanic humor, other planted evidence of voodoo against women, and information about a clip of cut braided hair that was handed over to Albany Police.

2.       Where did you find the items?  All over the Bulb.  The tomb was located along the lagoon that ironically measures 6.667 acres.  The tarp was positioned a short distance north, up shore, rolled and stuffed under some rocks.

3.       When did you find the items? Most of the physical evidence was discovered on Feb.19th, 2004.

4.       Were you looking for evidence, or did you just find accidentally?  Both.  The space is truly unique, and I enjoyed exploring its wild creative energies.  When exploring, I had my eyes open for Satanic evidence and links to Laci; one could say the physical evidence was discovered on accident.

5.       How are they related to the Laci Peterson case? The Bulb reveals itself as the location of ritualistic crime activity in the San Francisco Bay. Designed to support O.T.O./Church of Satan and their Meth cult franchises. The tomb explains how Laci was never discovered. It explains all scientific evidence available to the non-discovered remains of Laci Peterson including the adipocerous and postmortem fracture, unique fray to the clothes, mineralization. The tomb is positioned out of reach from dogs, animals, and large fish, with easy access through the lagoon where Matt Dalton did his experiment. The tarp has a unique fray similar to the description of Laci’s clothes.  The measurements to the tap fit the interior of the tomb.

6.       Do you think they will implicate or exonerate Scott?   It can go either way.  I’d rather not comment of these opinions. Forensic testing needs to be preformed. 

7.       How did you first become interested in the activities/people at the Bulb? I began exploring the location for the first time sometime around 2001-02 and immediately feel in love with the wild freedom of the space. The questions about Lacis abduction started coming into mind the moment she washed up on shore, about 100 meters away.  I was shocked by it’s close proximity to the Bulb.

8.       When did you start your filming project? I started filming July 5th 2003

9.       What is the emphasis of your filming project?  The emphasis of the film is the dark religious symbolism in the art and architecture. The represented religions embrace human child sacrifice and decapitations. The film focuses on the remnants of death as seen in the Bulbs creation, and the chaotic state of rebirth between the new life and former death. The focus is disturbingly wild, but I try to balance the film with the need for space preservation and support for a unique bay area bird sanctuary and preservation of the recyclable sculpture arts.  

10.   How have the people at the Bulb reacted to your project?  Well...  I’ve asked numerous Bulb cult members about the rumored graves on site, the serial killer and their connections to local Odro Templi Orientis, but I receive dead silence.   

11.    Besides the evidence found at the Bulb, does the Bulb have any other relevance to the Laci Peterson case?  It’s a known dumping ground for human bodies and the location human sacrifice within the secret occult community.  In the artwork, “Beasts” observe numerous couples, and then when the husband/partner is asleep, passed out drunk, unaware, or in screaming shock, the beast goes for the woman’s neck.   Human heads are decapitated, planted and sprout up as head/bulbs.

12.   Have any experts analyzed the paintings at the Bulb for clues about criminal behavior?  Other than my critical analyses, the only one I am aware of is Matt Dalton.  Matt documented the art and presented this to the real cult researchers.  Matt Dalton did his flotation experiment a few hundred feet from the tomb. 

This is the flotation experiment conducted by Dalton, in which one of the floats landed where Laci's body was found.  Click to enlarge.

Pictures included in the package

Q included 2 pictures of the tarp and two of the cistern, or Tomb, as he called it.  The 3rd picture of the tarp is simply a close-up to show thread detail.  Q said the dark spots on the tarp were Laci's blood.  He also said "the tarp was positioned a short distance north of the tomb, up shore, rolled and stuffed under some rocks." He said the tarp came from Scott's house, and would implicate Scott as the murderer. When asked why he did not simply turn the evidence over to the Court, he said he was concerned about retaliation from Geragos.

These are the two pictures of the cistern (Tomb).  He described as 5' in diameter and 3' deep.  "2-6” inches of clear water flowed at the bottom, and it looked washed clean. Two larges concrete rocks were there. I move some rock, and the water got cloudy. About 1/4”+ mud surfaced the upper layers of rock." At high tide, the well is immersed in sea water, and nearly empties out by low tide. When he found the well, the lid was half-off, as depicted in the pictures.  Q said there was no evidence of "any hair, skin, or bones" in the well and his interest was in the clear water area. Marlene made a field trip to the Albany Bulb in an effort to see the cistern first hand, but the tide was too high to gain access. 

The 8-page report

Contrary to his claim that the tarp implicated Scott Peterson, in the report Q placed suspicion on Robert (Rabbit) Berringer, with much "evidence" to show that Berringer is the Zodiac serial killer.  Q sent Marlene a confidential copy of a draft of the report, and the copy sent to the Court has been sealed.  A copy of the draft was also sent to other parties.  Recently, a copy was posted on an internet forum, so the report has become public. 


In spite of his contradictory claims, most people who have read his posts and his "evidence," believe he does have information that would be useful in identifying the person(s) who abducted and murdered Laci Peterson.  These are the results of the poll we took among TAI members and readers of the SII website.

He is just a film maker, who came across potential evidence?


He was or knows who was involved in Laci's murder?


He is looking for his 5 minutes of fame, and a way to promote his "Albany Bulb" film?


He is just another "misguided" person who thinks they have information?


He was just looking for attention on Laci Peterson forums?

I don't know what to think!   19%